05 July, 2008

EC Sweden, Höljes day 1

It was a busy week for Eklund. The Saab 9-3 went back to Trollhattan for new electric wiring and the team in Arvika was very busy with the car of George Tracy.
At the press conference at thursday, Eklund arrived late after he worked the whole night on the car. But could drive at the press race and guess what, the fastest time!!
"It is just a practice", said Eklund "but the car is running fine. There is more in the car but we we have a busy scedule and there are just 24 hours in a day".

At the time practice this afternoon, Eklund could set a ninth time overall. The track was not dry. Some drivers made a false decision which tires they use.

In the first heat it was Kenneth Hansen with the fastest time, followed by the rallycross rookie and multi world champion rally driver Marcus Grönholm. Eklund drove a 9th time overall.

Results heat 1:

  1. K. Hansen, Citroën C4, 3.07,72
  2. M. Grönholm, Ford Fiesta, 3.09,11
  3. JL/ Pailler, Peugeot 207, 3.09,79
  4. L. Hunsbedt, Volvo S 40, 3.10,40
  5. M. Jernberg, Skoda Fabia, 3.10,55
  6. A. Eriksson, Ford Fiesta, 3.11,76
  7. G. Lindefjell, Citroën C4, 3.12,10
  8. S.O. Walfridsson, Renault Clio, 3.12,30
  9. P. Eklund, Saab 9-3, 3.12,82
  10. F. Holte, Volvo S 40, 3.12,85

And the weather forecast for tomorrow: rain!! Hopefully the chance for an A-final for Eklund!

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