28 June, 2007

EC Höljes next weekend


I'm on my way to Höljes now, perhaps I can make some updates when I get Internet acces down at the Höljesbanan this weekend.


Mike Jager

First SC at Knutstorp: Eklund second!

  1. Andreas Eriksson 20+3
  2. Per Eklund 17
  3. Lars Larsson 15+2
  4. Ingvar Gunnarsson 13
  5. Thomas Rådström 12
  6. Stig-Olov Walfridsson 11+1
  7. Tony Croon 10
  8. Marko Jokinen 9
  9. Ingemar Bjöörn 8

EC Austria: Eklund 9th

  1. Andreas Eriksson
  2. Jos Kuypers
  3. Ludvig Hunsbedt
  4. Lars Larsson
  5. Sverre Isachsen
  6. Michael Jernberg
  7. Kenneth Hansen
  8. Morten Bermingrud
  9. Per Eklund
  10. Olivier Anne

03 June, 2007

The old fox does it again, 6th at EC Hungary!

Per Eklund does it again, another a-final at the Hungarian European rallycross round 3.
With a 7th time, a 9th and 7th time overall in the qualification heats he starts at the 4th place in the B-final together with Jani Paasonen, Morten Bermingrud, Harald Sachweh, Jos Kuypers and C-final winner Ludvig Hunsbedt.

photo: (c) 2007 www.erc24.com

Hunsbedt was hunting down B final leader Morten Bermingrud but both drivers didn't see eachother crashed together. Bermingrud crashed his Citroën in the barrier. Hunsbedt continued but damaged rear suspension allowed Per Eklund to pass and take the win.

photo: (c) 2007 www.erc24.com

In the A-final it was Michael Jernberg taking his second event win of the year in HungaryJernberg led the pack to the first turn and Kenneth Hansen quickly worked his way into second place. Thereafter the only position changes came courtesy of the Joker Lap. Jernberg left his until the last lap and comfortably retained his lead over Hansen to win. Sverre Isachsen made third place his own after Andreas Eriksson took the Joker Lap at the first chance, Per Eklund following his compatriot and running sixth throughout.


  1. Michael Jernberg 20
  2. Kenneth Hansen 17
  3. Sverre Isachsen 15
  4. Andreas Eriksson 13
  5. Pavel Koutný 12
  6. Per Eklund 11
Next race: June, 08-10 Greinbach, Austria