18 December, 2006

Back to History part 2

Last summer, I got some photos from my parents. They took some photos back in August 1974 at the rallycross in Valkenswaard (NL).

The first picture shows Eklund, together with a driver in a green Porsche. I think this is Björn Waldergård..

On the second picture, it's my sister (3 years) and me (4 years old) at the orange Saab 96 V4 from Per Eklund and his teammate Stig Blomqvist.
At that time, 23 years ago, it must be the first time I was fan of the driving style of Per Eklund!

Another picture of this year I found at the Lennart Jarmyr's shared albums.
It's a picture of the EC finale rallycross at Lydden Hill near London.