26 January, 2010

Model news part 7: Audi Quattro

On the site of Gass models (I), I found a Audi Quattro Gr.B from Eklund and his co-driver
Björn Cederberg.

They drove with this car the RAC rally (UK) in 1985 to a 4th position.

Model with scale 1:43
Code Gass 32
Code Gass 32 K (Kit)

19 January, 2010

Model news part 6: Fiat Ritmo

On the site of Tron-models I found the Fiat Ritmo Alitalia R. Motec Group 2 Rallycar from 1979.

Eklund drive this car with co-driver Hans Sylvan at the Monte Carlo rally 1979 in Monaco.

p273 kit scala1/43 rd scale € 55,00
bb070B model scala 1/43 rd scale € 130,00

Searching on the internet results in these photos of the Fiat Ritmo:

18 January, 2010

Eklund at "Save Saab" convoy at Trollhättan

On www.saabsunited.com we found a picture of Per Eklund at the "Save Saab" convoy at Trollhättan.

The “Save Saab” gathering in Trollhättan, Sweden was quite impresssive as the over 2,000 Saabs parked in Saab Automobile’s factory parking lot!