06 July, 2008

EC Höljes day 2: Eklund 9th with problems at start

Day 2 of the European championship Rallycross at Höljes (Sweden) ended for Eklund on a 4th place in the B-final, meaning a 9th place overall.

In the 2nd heat, Eklund drove a 8th time overall, in the 3rd heat a 11th overall.

Results heat 2:

  1. Marcus Grönholm Ford 03:18:83
  2. Michael Jernberg skoda 03:20:14
  3. Tony Croon Ford 03:20:83
  4. Ludvig Hunsbedt Volvo 03:21:03
  5. Andréas Eriksson Ford 03:21:77
  6. Kenneth Hansen Citroën 03:22:38
  7. Harald Sachweh Opel 03:22:55
  8. Per Eklund Saab 03:23:10
  9. Kjell Arne Smerud Citroën 03:23:41
  10. Sverre Isachsen Ford 03:24:14
Results heat 3:

  1. Andréas Eriksson Ford 03:14:36
  2. Michael Jernberg Škoda 03:14:96
  3. Kenneth Hansen Citroën 03:15:46
  4. Ole Kristian Nøttveit Ford 03:15:66
  5. Kjell Arne Smerud Citroën 03:17:15
  6. Stig-Olov Walfridsson Renault 03:17:58
  7. Marcus Grönholm Ford 03:18:38
  8. Linas Norkus Ford 03:19:21
  9. Jean-Luc Pailler Peugeot 03:19:23
  10. Olivier Anne Citroën 03:19:37
  11. Per Eklund Saab 03:20:29

With these results, Per Eklund has a 10th place overall, that will give him the 5th position in the B-final.

In the B-final he had to start with Pailler, Smerud, Walfridsson, Croon and c-final winner Nöttveit. At the start, the Saab 9-3 didn't move at all. Just after half a lap suddenly the car moved again and Eklund could drive his laps. Perhaps it was some moist sensor he told later.

It was Walfridsson who won the b-final, Smerud and Nöttveit did not finish. Eklund could not follow the man in front of him and went 4th over the finish.

Results B-final:

  1. S.O. Walfridsson, Renault Clio, 4.01,97
  2. T. Croon, Ford Focus, 4.02,50
  3. J.L. Pailler, Peugeot 207, 4.06,93
  4. Per Eklund, SAAB 93, 4.26,34
  5. K.A. Smerud, Citroën Xsara, DNF
  6. O.K. Nöttveit, Ford Focus, DNF

"Now it's time for some holiday, Christmas presents for the famlily and and to find 50 HP in the Saab before the next race", Eklund said. The next race will be in 3 weeks.

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