20 August, 2006

Eklund 8th at EC Holland

Race report Valkenswaard 2006

Heat 1 Saturday

At the timed practice, Eklund drove the 7th time. He had to start in the last qualifing heat with Isachsen, Pailler and Bermingrud. It stopped raining and the track was drying up. At the first start, it was Isachsen who took the lead. But in the first corner, got a touch from Bermingrud, lost grip and came into the sand and made a roll.
At the second start Eklund took a very good start and was in head of Pailler who was on the inside. But in the first corner, Pailler took the lead because Eklund was to soon on the breaks. He didn't want to take the risk for a crash to lose a good time. Eklund second and Bermingrud third. Isachsen got a red flag and did not start.
Eklund drove to the finish but could not catch up with Pailler and went second over the finish line . He had a second time overall!

  1. J.L Pailler 2.45.098
  2. P. Eklund 2.47.430
  3. M. Bermingrud 2.49.232
  4. T. Rudstad 2.54.153
  5. K. Hansen 2.55.183
  6. J. Kuijper 2.58.332

After this heat the team cleaned the car and replaced a broken turbo.

Sunday starts with a dry track. Eklund was the first to drive the free practice. The car runs fine and at the second run he rubbed in a new set of Kumho rain tires.

Heat 2
The track is still dry. Everybody drives real good times.
Eklund starts with Eriksson, Kuijpers, Rustad en Coox. Eklund took a good start. Rustad pushed Coox and Eklund but Eklund could hold the second place in the first Corner. Eriksson had the lead. Eklund could not overtake Eriksson so went second over the finish. He had a 8th time overall.

  1. 1 J.L. Pailler 2:36.740
  2. M. Bermingrud 2:38.459
  3. O. Anne 2:39.118
  4. M. Jernberg 2:39.465
  5. L. Larsson 2:39.724
  6. A. Eriksson 2:40.016
  7. K. Hansen 2:40.018
  8. P. Eklund 2:40.881

(Foto: Rustad and Coox fighting)
With this result, Per is now on 3th place overall.

Heat 3
Eklund starts with Pailler, Hansen ,Eriksson.and Wicik. Pailler didn't start, because he had already two nr.1 qualifyings. At the start, it was Eklund who had the fastest start. At his tail it was Hansen, Eriksson and Vicik. But at the third corner,the front drive shaft broke and Eklund had to give up. Nobody could catch up with Hansen, so he won this heat.
With this result, Eklund will start 2nd in the B-final.

The positions of the B-final: Anne, Eklund, Larsson, Eriksson, Kuijpers and the winner of the c-final: Isachsen. Just before this final, it started to rain heavily.It was Ichachsen who had the best start. Eklund had a very bad start, the Saab 9-3 didn't response good on the throttle. So he went last into the first corner. The next round he could overtake O. Anne. The second lap it was Isachsen who made a mistake, followed by Larsson. Eriksson took the victory, followed by Kuijpers and Eklund third.In the A final, it was J.L. Pailler who took the victory very easy on his Kumho rain tires, followed by Rustad and Eriksson.


  1. Jean-Luc Pailler Peugeot 206 20
  2. Tommy Rustad Ford Focus 17
  3. Andreas Eriksson Ford Fiesta ST
  4. Michael Jernberg Ford Focus 13
  5. Morten Bermingrud Citroën Xsara 12
  6. Kenneth Hansen Citroën C4 11
  7. Jos Kuypers Ford Focus 10
  8. Per Eklund Saab 9-3 ASS 9

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