13 August, 2006

Eklund 7th at EC Belgium


  1. Lars Larsson Škoda Fabia 20
  2. Jean-Luc Pailler Peugeot 206 17
  3. Morten Bermingrud Citroën Xsara 15
  4. Kenneth Hansen Citroën C4 13
  5. Olivier Anne Citroën C4 12
  6. Jos Kuypers Ford Focus 11
  7. Per Eklund Saab 9-3 ASS 10
  8. Patrick Van Mechelen Subaru Impreza 9
  9. Sverre Isachsen Ford Focus 8
  10. Tommy Rustad Ford Focus 7

(c) 2006 www.rallycross.info


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