05 October, 2008

Last race 2008: Eklund A-final!!!

At the last race of the 2008 European Rallycross season, Eklund had a great weekend!

At saturday, in the timed practice he drove a 8th time overall. The car runs very well.
In the first qualification heat, Eklund took a great start and went first into the first corner.
He managed to hold his first position to the finish line and was ahead of the new european champion Kenneth Hansen. With this victory, he has a 4th time overall!

(c) http://www.erc24.com/: Eklund during the first heat, in front!

During the evening and the morning on sunday, a lot of rain came from above and the track was very wet. Conditions Eklund likes a lot.

Eklund drove in the 2nd and 3rd heat also very good, both a 5th time overall!
With these results, Eklund starts on the 5th position in the A-final!

Bad conditions during the second and 3rd heat.

Eklund starts the A-final with Jernberg, Eriksson, Hunsbedt, Smerud and c-final and b-final winner Walfridsson.
But luck didn't went with Eklund in the final. In the first lap, Eklund went off and could not go on.
He finished 6th on this last event of the year.


  1. Andréas Eriksson Ford
  2. Stig-Olov Walfridsson Renault
  3. Ludvig Hunsbedt Volvo
  4. Michael Jernberg Škoda
  5. Kjell Arne Smerud Citroën
  6. Per Eklund Saab
  7. Kenneth Hansen Citroën
  8. Olivier Anne Citroën
  9. Jimmy Holmkvist Ford
  10. Sverre Isachsen Ford

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