14 September, 2008

EC Poland: not a good weekend again

Again not a good result for Per Eklund at a European Rallycross round, this time at the Slomczyn track in Poland.
Things look great at the timed practice. The car runs good and with a 11th time the team was ready for the weekend.
But after the first qualification heat, things didn't look great afterall. Eklund lost a rear wheel of the Saab 9-3 Aero Sport Sedan. He managed to drive to the finishline, but the time wasn't good. A last position, a 22th time overall.

photos: (c) www.erc24.com

Eklund fought back in the second and third heat, but the results were not enough to take a position in the A, B or C final. He drove twice a 13th position overall in these heats.
With these results, he had a 17th position overall, just outside the c-final. Only the first 16 qualify for the finals..........


  1. Sverre Isachsen (N) , Ford Focus, 20
  2. Ole Kristian Nøttveit (N), Ford Focus, 17
  3. Andréas Eriksson (S), Ford Fiesta, 15
  4. Kenneth Hansen (S), Citroën C4, 13
  5. Ludvig Hunsbedt (N), Volvo S40, 12
  6. Michael Jernberg (S), Škoda Fabia, 11
With these results, Kenneth Hansen is for the 14th time European champion rallycross. Congratulations, Kenneth!!!

Next race: Swedish championship, September 27 at the Strängnäs Motorstadion.


Johan Hasselberg said...

Congratulations to Kenneth! Next year I hope Per Eklund is European champion rallycross!!! Go Go Go!

Mike Jager said...

Let's Hope so!!! :-)