13 May, 2008

George Tracey confirmed for Knutstorp

From http://www.rallycross.com/:

Irish Rallycross driver George Tracey (Peugeot 307cc) participates in the first round of the 2008 Swedish Rallycross Championship that goes underway next Saturday May 17 at Kågeröd (Ring Knutstorp) in the south of Sweden. The news of his participation, already known for some time, was confirmed on Tuesday.

The participation of the Irishman at Kågeröd is a result of the close collaboration between the teams of George Tracey and Swede Per Eklund in 2008. Over winter Eklund Motorsport already prepared the Peugeot 307cc for Rallycross. After the ERC round in France the car left for Arvika in Sweden, hometown of Eklund Motorsport, where it will be prepared for the Swedish season's opener.

George Tracey (Peugeot 307cc) pictured during the 2008 Portuguese ERC round. (Photo: © Jan Kåre Rafoss)

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