11 May, 2008

C-final for Eklund at second EC in France

At a sunny and dusty Kerlabo circuit in France, Eklund could make it to the c-final.
"The car was quick and good, there were no defects. The whole weekend was only a littlebit dusty", Eklund reports.
Per had a 10th time overall in the first qualification, a 16th time in the second and a 12th time in the third heat.
"I could not make the difference, in every heat I lost second at the start and in some corners".
With 22 points he had an 4th position in the c-final.

In the c-final the could make up to the third place, just a few laps before the finish, it was Frode Holte who hit his car into Eklund. Instead of chasing to the heat leader, Eklund has to be satisfied with a 4th place in this c-final, a 14th place overall.

After two races, Eklund has a ninth place in the championship.
"All the things we try will result in a better car, but the competition is tough. It is never been so tough as this year!"

Results 2nd EC France:

  1. Jean-Luc Pailler Peugeot 20
  2. Ludvig Hunsbedt Volvo 17
  3. Kenneth Hansen Citroën 15
  4. Michael Jernberg Škoda 13
  5. David Meslier Renault 12
  6. Guttorm Lindefjell Ford 11
  7. Andréas Eriksson Ford 10
  8. Sverre Isachsen Ford 9
  9. Kjell Arne Smerud Citroën 8
  10. Morten Bermingrud Citroën 7
  11. Olivier Anne Citroën 6
  12. Stig-Olov Walfridsson Renault 5
  13. Frode Holte Volvo 4
  14. Per Eklund Saab 3
  15. Marc Laboulle Citroën 2
  16. Ole Kristian Nøttveit Ford 1

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