19 August, 2007

EC Valkenswaard: Eklund 14th again

Time practice:
1. Michael Jernberg, Ford, 00:38:19
2. Kenneth Hansen, Citroën, 00:38:81
3. Ludvig Hunsbedt, Volvo, 00:38:85
4. Morten Bermingrud, Citroën, 00:39:09
5. Lars Larsson, Skoda, 00:39:26
6. Guttorm Lindefjell, Ford, 00:39:28
7. Sverre Isachsen, Ford, 00:39:65
8. Jos Kuypers, Ford, 00:39:72
9. Christopher Evans, Opel, 00:39:80
10. Per Eklund, Saab, 00:39:83
22. Andrew Nesbitt, Saab, 00:40:96

Heat 1:
1. Kenneth Hansen, Citroën, 02:37:07
2. Sverre Isachsen, Ford, 02:38:80
3. Michael Jernberg, Ford, 02:39:16
4. Andreas Eriksson, Ford, 02:39:44
5. Guttorm Lindefjell, Ford, 02:39:48
6. Ludvig Hunsbedt, Volvo, 02:39:92
12. Per Eklund, Saab, 02:43:23 2
7. Andrew Nesbitt, Saab, 02:51:20

Heat 2:
Eklund starts with Nottveit, Pauwels Carnegie and Wicik (no start).It is Nottweit who has the best start and goes first into the first corner. Eklund and Pauwels are next to each other, but in the second corner it is Pauwels who takes the second place, followed by Eklund and Carnigie.
All drivers are very close to each other and driving there laps.
But in the last lap, Nottveit goes wide and Pauwels and Eklund can overtake him.Pauwels is first over the finish line, followed by Eklund, Nottveit and Carnegie.

Ekund drives a 13th time overall.

1. Kenneth Hansen, Citroën, 02:39:75
2. Michael Jernberg, Ford, 02:41:45
3. Sverre Isachsen, Ford, 02:41:53
4. Guttorm Lindefjell, Ford, 02:41:97
5. Christopher Evans, Opel, 02:44:41
6. Stig-Olov Walfridsson, Renault, 02:44:51
13. Per Eklund, Saab, 02:46:98
18. Andrew Nesbitt, Saab, 02:49:72

Heat 3:
Eklund starts with Nottveit, Pauwels, Doran and Walfridsson.
All drives take a good start and 5 cars drive next to each other to the first corner. It is Nottveit, Doran and Walfridsson onthe outside hitting eachother. Doran drives next to the track and lands on his top in the sandbank. Walfridsson brakes his rear wheel.
Eklund is in front of Pauwels and drives first into the corner, followed by Pauwels. But the officials give a red flag.
At the second start it is Pauwels who went first into the first corner followed by Ekluns and Notweit.Eklund follows Pauwels in short distance. In the second lap, Pauwels is driving wide into the "Per Eklund" corner and Eklund canput his Saab 9-3 on the inside and overtakes Pauwels.
Eklund wins this heat, Pauwels 2nd and Nottveit 3rd.
With this time, he has a 8th time overall.

1. Michael Jernberg, Ford, 02:37:65
2. Lars Larsson, Skoda, 02:38:68
3. Pavel Koutný, Ford, 02:39:27
4. Morten Bermingrud, Citroën, 02:39:96
5. Ludvig Hunsbedt, Volvo, 02:40:86
6. Morten Jespersen, Peugeot, 02:41:76
7. Jos Kuypers, Ford, 02:41:83
8. Per Eklund, Saab, 02:42:63
18. Andrew Nesbitt, Saab, 02:46:63

With a 12th, 13th, and a 8th time, Per Eklund starts on a 4th place in the c-final, a 14th time overall.

It is Kuypers on pole, followed by Anne, Walfridsson, Eklund, Pauwels and Jespersen.
It takes 3 starts before the C-final is really underway.
The first jumpstart is for Kuypers, the second for Pauwels.The third start is good and it is Kuypers who is first into the "Eklund corner", followed by Eklund, Anne, Walfridsson, Pauwels and Jespersen. But after the first corner, Anne is bumping very hard into Eklund's Saab. Eklund is pushed to the ouside and loses 2 places.
Pauwels is out in the first round. Kuypers can hold his first place to the finish line and the rest is just following.

1. Kenneth Hansen, Citroën, 20
2. Sverre Isachsen, Ford, 17
3. Lars Larsson, Skoda,15
4. Michael Jernberg, Ford, 13
5. Ludvig Hunsbedt, Volvo, 12
6. Guttorm Lindefjell, Ford, 11
14. Per Eklund, Saab, 3
23. Andrew Nesbitt, Saab, -

After the race, Eklund says: "It's very hard to get a good result. There is so much competition, a lot of good drivers with good cars. We are going back to Sweden and prepair ourselves and the car for the next race at Kinnekulle".
Also Andrew Nebitt said: "I hope to race also in Poland and Czechia with a Saab, I liked it so far, great fun!".

(C) 2007 by Mike Jager

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