09 September, 2007

5th in last SC race at Götene

Today, Saturday 8th September, was the final round of the Swedish championship rallycross division 1 season 2007 at the kinnekulle racetrack at Götene.

Heat 1:

  1. K. Hansen
  2. M. Jenrberg
  3. A. Eriksson
  4. T. Croon
  5. I. Gunnarsson
  6. L. Larsson
  7. P. Eklund
Heat 2:
  1. P. Eklund
  2. L. Larsson
  3. T. Croon
  4. A. Eriksson
  5. S.O. Walfridsson
  6. K. Hansen
Heat 3:
  1. T. Croon
  2. P. Eklund
  3. L. Larsson
  4. K. Hansen
  5. M. Jernberg
  6. M. Eriksson
With these results, Ekund has the pole position in de A-final!

With Eklund on pole and T. Croon on second place, it was Hansen and Larson on second row, Erikson and Jernberg on third row.
The start was for Hansen, followed by Larsson and Eriksson. Eklund didn't make a good start and followed the field with some seconds delay. He could not catch up with the rest of the field.
Eriksson went of the track in the last lap and Eklund finished on 5th position. Because radstrom had a bad weekend, Eklund finished on 3th position overall in the championship!
Lars Larsson (98 points) wins the 2007 championship while Andreas Eriksson (84 points) finishes the Swedish series as second and Eklund (59 points) as third.
So our congratulations to Larsson and his team!!
  1. K. Hansen, 20+3
  2. M. Jernberg, 17+2
  3. L. Larsson, 15
  4. T. Croon, 13
  5. P Eklund, 12
  6. A. Eriksson, 11+1

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