09 August, 2008

EC Maasmechelen, day 1

Today it is sunny weather 25 degrees The last few days there was a lot of rain.
Eklund made some improvements the last 3 weeks after Höljes. The turbo has been inproved, also some electric systems. They found some extra horsepower!

Timed practice
The track was dry and sunny, with a lot of dust. Per had a clean run. He drove a 9th time overall.


  1. S. Isachsen, Ford Focus ST, 38,977
  2. M. Jernberg, Skoda Fabia, 39.342
  3. P. Koutny, Ford Fiesta, 39.493
  4. K. Hansen, Cirtoën C4, 39.515
  5. A. Eriksson, Ford Fiesta, 39.652
  6. O. Nottveit, Ford Focus, 39.725
  7. L. Hunsbedt, Volvo S40, 39.853
  8. M. Bermingrud, Citroën Xsara, 39.964
  9. P.Eklund, Saab 9-3, 39.984
  10. G. Lindefjell, Skoda Fabia, 40.000
Heat 1:
Eklund starts with Bermingrud, Lindefjell, Walfridsson and Evans. Lindefjell takes the best start and went first into the corner.Eklund on the inside on place 2, just before Evans, Bermingrud and Walfridsson.
Lindefjell and Eklund drove away fron the rest of the field. In lap 3 Lindefjell and Eklund took both the Jokerlap. Lindefjell holds his leading position, Eklund is passed by Evans.
Lindfjell takes the heat, followed by Evans, Eklund, Bermingrud and Walfridsson.

With this result, Eklund has a 12th time overall.

Eklund told: "I lost 3rd gear during this heat, I could drive better". The team replaced the gearbox after the heat and the car is ready for tommorow.

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