09 December, 2007

Eklund won the London Rallycross Masters

Eklund won the London masters today!

After qualifying 2nd despite not having the ideal tyre (Avon cross-ply heavy wet pattern) Per made a fantastic start with London-based Irishman Ollie O`Donovan the pole-sitter also getting off the line with a good start, the two cars alongside eachother into the first left-hand kink.

Both cars were launched skyward and contact was made in mid-air, fortunately Pers Saab 9-3 4x4t landed better than O`Donovan who`s Tony Bardy prepared Peugeot 306 4x4T16 ended up hitting the barriers and sustaining damage to front and rear right-hand suspension and stranded just off the racing line.

The race continued with Tony Proctor (Yorkshire) in his Harry Hockley prepared Ford Puma 4x4t taking up the chase to catch Per Eklund with Dublin Based Irishman Dermot Carnegie Fiesta ST4x4T and Steve Hill Mitsubishi Evo 9 also in hot persuit.

Proctors chase ended a few laps later after spinning-out and stalling, leaving Carnegie to pick up 2nd place and Hill to complete the honours with 3rd.

Jeremy Roberts Photographs @ fotopic.net

After the race Per picked-up hitch-hiker Ollie O`Donovan, who then drove Pers Saab with the 61 year old Eklund standing proud out of the side of the drivers door to enjoy the cheers of the crowd, whilst the other drivers enjoyed a feast of donuts, Carnegie in particular who managed to treat Tommy Grahams Escort to a sand-blasting.

by: John Foley

A video from the final:

A video from the finish:

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