21 July, 2007

SC Kalix: Eklund second!

At the 4th race for the Swedish championship at Kalix, Eklund drove a 5th, 7th and a 4th time.

He started at the second place in the B-final, but he won this final.
In the A-final, the went second over the finish line. Rådström and Eriksson did ot finish, Hunsbedt got a black flag.


  1. Lars Larsson, Skoda Fabia, 20+3
  2. Per Eklund, Saab 9-3 ASS, 17
  3. Tony Croon, Ford Focus, 15
  4. Thomas Rådström, Hyudai Accent, 13+2
  5. Andreas Eriksson, Ford Fiesta, 12
  6. Ludvig Hunsbedt, Volvo S40, 11+1

© ERC24/Backmansfoto.se

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