16 October, 2006

O'Donovan to race Eklunds Saab at the Superprix

It was announced today that London based Limerick Rally driver Ollie O Donovan will drive the Saab 9-3 Aero Sport 4x4 Supercar at the forthcoming Shannon Holdings Rallycross Superprix at Croft on October 28/29. Ollie who is better known for his Rallying in a McKinstry run Subaru WRC has competed in the last few rounds of the British Championship and will sponsor the event through his company Shannon Holdings.

“I am delighted that we have been able to reach an agreement to bring Per’s Division 1 car the to the 2006 Shannon Holdings Rallycross Superprix. It’s something that we have been working on for a while now, but because Per has already started work on his 2007 car it means that he cannot do the event which is a great pity. I am really happy though, that he will be there to help with the car set up and bring his considerable expertise to the weekend. I would not say we are favourites to win now, but with a car like this we must have a great chance and I will be doing my best to come out on top.”

Eklund only just missed out on winning the 2006 Swedish Rallycross Championship with the car, finishing second overall behind the new European Rallycross Champion Lars Larsson
and said “ Ollie contacted me some time back about using my second car for the Superprix and it was easy to reach an agreement with him to use the Saab. At that stage I was planning on competing at the event, but Saab Sweden have released next years body shell to me early, so we have already started working on that which sadly means I cannot compete with our second car. I am now looking forward to Croft, to run Ollie instead, which should be easy to do with a driver of his experience. He has done very well this year since coming into the British Rallycross Championship and Croft could be very good to him this year”.


Mike said...

Ollie O Donovan, lot of success at the Superprix at Croft!

Anonymous said...

good luck Ollie O Donovan!
Make a Good Result.