03 October, 2006

Disappointing result last race of 2006

At the last race of season 2006, Eklund had a disappointing result.
At Buxtehude (Germany), he could not make it to one of the finals.

Result heat 1: 10th
Result heat 2: 17th
Result heat 3: 22th
Overall a 19th place. Only the best 16 are qualified for the finals.

But we congratulate Lars Larsson and his whole team with their first EC-gold.
Larsson and Eklund share the same engine tuner: Trollspeed. Also to them: congratulations!

The 2006 season is over, Eklund reach a 9th position overall at the European championship and a second place overall at the Swedish championship.
Now he can concentrate to build a new 9-3 over the winter period.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looking up for season 2007, Per!
Maybe better resulst with your new Saab.