08 June, 2008

EC Austria: Eklund 9th

In the time practice, Eklund could drive a third time overall.

The first heat, It was Eklund with the best start in dry conditions. In the first lap he could hold of Eriksson, but not for long. Eriksson could set the fastest time overall, Eklund took the 9th position overall.

Eklund first in heat 1. (c) www.erc24.com

During the second qualifing heat, it starts to rain. Best conditions for Eklund, here we see the experienced rally drive at his best. He took a good start and could hold of Kenneth Hansen. Eklund went first over the finish, just half a second before Hansen. Eklund had a 6th time overall.

Eklund enjoys the rain in heat 2. (c) www.erc24.com

The third heat, it was still a wet track. Eklund drive a second time behind Jernberg, 5th time overall.
This results in a 7th place overall, a second position in the B-final. Other drivers in the b-final are Hansen, Hunsbedt, Anne, Walfridsson and the winner of the c-final Lindefjell.

Results finals:

  1. Michael Jernberg Škoda 20,
  2. Ole Kristian Nøttveit Ford, 17
  3. Andréas Eriksson Ford, 15
  4. Guttorm Lindefjell Ford, 13
  5. Jean-Luc Pailler Peugeot, 12
  6. Sverre Isachsen Ford, 11
  7. Ludvig Hunsbedt Volvo, 10
  8. Kenneth Hansen Citroën, 9
  9. Per Eklund Saab, 8
  10. Stig-Olov Walfridsson Renault, 7

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