10 February, 2008

Eklund is Tired of All the Whining

Swedish rally legend Per Eklund, 61 years old, who's now driving the safety car that drives first and examins the state of the tracks (and the state of the spectators) during the Swedish Rally. Eklund, who won the rally in 1976 in a SAAB 96, isn't that impressed by all the whining by the WRC drivers.

"They have both driver's licence and a rally licence. Some are pretty well paid too. Some gravel on the road isn't anything to whine about. They've never driven the Safari Rally. Back then we couldn't just call our mommies when it got difficult. Just back of five or ten percent when it gets tricky and you're ok. What are they expecting when they're running with eight millimeter studs? There's no ice in the world that can cope with that."

from www.nwt.se

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