06 November, 2007

Eklund's cars at Rallycross Superprix


The 2007 Jersey Farm Hotel Rallycross Superprix is a rallycross event who took place on November 3rd & 4th at Croft Circuit (near Darlington).
Per Eklund used to participate some years ago with some other Swedish top drivers, but this year he rent his cars to two English drivers: Ollie O'Donnovan who use to drive with his MSA British Rallycross Championship winning Peugeot 306 and Dave Bellerby, who use to drive with a Lotus Exige.

Both drivers made is to the semi finals. Dave Bellerby, who drove the classic Saab 9-3, blew up his engine in his semi final and the team raced against time to fit a new engine, which they did in 35 minutes, only ten minutes too late for him to make the start for the finals.
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For Ollie it went much better. He finished on a nice 4th place in the final. He drove very good with a car he is not used to drive with. Kenneth Hansen won the finals, just in front of
Christopher Evans (Vauxhall Astra) and Kevin Proctor (Ford Puma).

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Superprix Result (6 Laps)

  1. Kenneth HANSEN Citroen C4 4:16.18
  2. Christopher EVANS Vauxhall Astra 4:18.89
  3. Kevin PROCTOR Ford Puma 4:21.49
  4. Ollie O'DONOVAN Saab 9-3 4:24.28
  5. Mike MANNING Ford Escort 4:30.44
  6. Mad Mark WATSON Citroen Xsara 4:35.44
  7. David BINKS Mitsubishi Lancer 4:38.83
  8. Bob GOODING Ford Escort 4:58.49
  9. Tony BARDY Peugeot 306 DNF
  10. Pat DORAN Ford Fiesta DNF
After this event normally ends the season for Per Eklund, but Ollie O´Donovan persuaded Eklund to take part in a rallycross event in Central London on 8-9 December, at the Londen Motor Sport Show, the London Masters!. Ollie will drive with his Peugeot and Eklund with his Saab 9-3 SportSedan. Eklund left his Saab 9-3 in Engeland and he will repair the Saab to be top fit for the race in London. After his, he will travel with his bus and the old Saab back to Arvika and return to England in December.

Björn Berglof/Mike Jager

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