02 February, 2007

It never ends: Model news part 4: Porsche 911

On the site of Tron-models I found the Porsche 911 SC Group 3 rallycar, the car which Eklund drove with co-driver Björn Cederberg at the 1000 Lakes rally in Finland.
Scale 1:43 kit, item ARE390.

Tron-models write on there site 1980, but that must be 1978. In 1980 Eklund drove with a Triumph TR7 V8 at this rally.

In 1978 Eklund drove to a 4th place overall.

Searching on the internet results in this photo of the Porsche 911.

I'm not 100% sure, but Eklund still has this car at his garage in Arvika. It's still onder restoration, a long time project...

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